Object storage is coming

The MEGA S4 beta program is starting soon, for a limited number of participants. Register your interest to become a beta tester and get €1000 worth of storage for free.

What we offer

Simple Secure Storage Service (S4)

MEGA will provide object storage using the S3 protocol and security by design. With our emphasis on security, your data will always be safe.

Established track record

We are leveraging our existing infrastructure which is spread across 10 global datacentres and stores more than one exabyte of data (1,073,741,824 Gigabytes) for over 270 million users today.

Durability by design with 11 9’s

We have technology in place to protect your data from loss or corruption with 99.999999999% (11 9’s) annual durability.

Storage that won’t break your budget

At 5 NZD per TB per month, MEGA is 7 times cheaper than Amazon S3 and offers infinite scalability. Also, our prices are the same for both hot and cold data storage.

S3 compatible hosting and integration with MEGA product suite

MEGA S4 is compatible with Amazon S3 and is integrated with our existing product suite.

Storage service that will cater to all needs

MEGA S4 will cater to both corporates and freelancers, from government agencies to startups and from IT industry to individual developers. It will also interface with a huge ecosystem of apps, services, and SDKs.

Object Storage

Do you want to be kept in the loop with the MEGA S4 rollout?

Register your interest by leaving your email address below and we will update you as we approach the market release of MEGA S4.

I'd like to register my interest to become a beta tester and get €1000 worth of storage for free. I understand this will be offered only to a limited number of participants.